Marketing Buzzwords

It's time to ditch the jargon in 2021.

Every month, it feels like Google, Facebook or LinkedIn have changed something about their algorithm, policies or functionality. This keeps new buzzwords circulating, more acronyms and trending articles telling our clients that when it comes to marketing... they're doing it all wrong. (Our favourites are the super helpful "secret" tips to making thousands everyday while sitting on a beach).

In the spirit of simplifying what others have complicated, we've put together 29 of our favourite (or least favourite?!) buzzwords, decoded.

A/B Testing

When you test two different versions of a web page, email headline, ad or CTA to see which one is better at attaining the desired result - i.e. one page says "Buy Now" and the other says "Buy Today".

Attribution models

A map of the journey someone took to go from being a lead to a customer of your business; and assigning value to the different touchpoints and channels they visited along the way.

Buyer personas

A representation of your ideal customer(s) based on market research and existing customer data. Buyer personas have the power to influence every aspect of your business, including marketing/content strategy, business development and website design.

CTA - Call to action

The instructions you leave with your target audience to persuade them to take a desired action i.e. "Buy Now" "Learn More" "Subscribe" and many others! On a web page this is usually a button where both placement, size and colour matter.

Path length

The number of page views and ev

ents (i.e. clicks, scrolls) it takes for a user to finally make a transaction or conversion goal on your website. Hot tip: Create virtual page views or scroll depth events in Google Tag Manager for one-page sites.

Re-targeting A form of online advertising where you can target users who previously visited your website with banner ads on display networks across the web, apps and social networks. Hot tip:

Create an audience for your checkout page of users who abandoned without signing up for an account.

Event-triggered email

An email that is sent to your subscriber based on an event occurring such as a welcome email when they sign up, an anniversary or an email with a discount code on their birthday. Hot tip: A florist who remembers when their customers buy anniversary or birthday flowers for their partners can improve year round demand.

Contextual marketing

When you're shown a targeted ad based on your online browsing habits such as after researching holidays to Europe, you start seeing ads for discount flights to Italy and hotel offers in Paris. There's a fine line between helpful and stalker-ish.


If your customer demographics are the what, then psychographics are the 'why'. Psychographic data explains who your customers really are i.e. their values, interests, pain points and personalities. This knowledge is invaluable to your business and how well you model your solutions to their needs.


Snippets are a way for clever marketers to tell the search engine what information from your site should be shown to a user based on their search. A must have in the future of SEO with voice based search and AI needing as much help as you can give it. Also, as per above, snippets help you get prime position on the SERP.

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