My English Buddy Creation

Many people over the last couple of months have asked me why have I not created my own site before now. The answer is was that before now, I simply was not ready. I didn't have the know how, the wisdom or confidence to create something for myself that I thought would be worthwhile.

After working for an online school and a brick and mortar school, I have learned a couple of things, the first being that teachers are severely undervalued and taken advantage of when it comes to pay. You have online schools, charging students crazy amounts of money to have classes and then these schools pay the teachers dramatically less than half of what they charge the student. That is why I created My English Buddy, because once I hire a teacher, that teacher will paid 90% of what the student will be charged, not because I think it's a cool thing to do, but it's because it's the RIGHT and Fair thing to do.

Another thing I have learned is that people are for lack of better words, amazingly beautiful and complex. Almost every student I have met has had an openness and hunger for learning, not just English but about the world we live, and this journey we call life. I have been very lucky when it comes to students, whether they have worked for Google or were job searching, they all have come to my class willing and motivated to get into the business of learning and that has helped me become a great teacher. My English Buddy is my love letter to those students, past and future.

I will continue to teach, whether the website works or not, because it's what I am meant to do, even though it took me some time to fully understand the calling to become a teacher I am here now and will continue to gift others with an English speaking future. . .

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